Trends Day – Boyfriend Shirt, Culottes & Silver Heels

May 5, 2015
Cheap Silver Heels

Many fashion bloggers wear culottes on their blogs, but I barely see them in the streets. The web is full of verbal attacks on them poor culottes, so it’s no wonder. And, no wonder that they often hide under various code names, such as midi trouser or wide trouser (try to search for culottes on ASOS and you’ll see what I mean).

It’s a shame, really. After succumbing to the trend, I found culotte pants wonderfully comfortable, and, if worn in the right way, quite elegant. And no, you don’t have to be a model to wear them – me being the proof. So, here’s a short guide on how to wear culotte pants:

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Pastel Classics – Blue Blazer, Stripes & Heels

April 18, 2015
Blue Blazer

While writing the previous post, I began feeling a bit guilty. Here I was, standing on high heels and declaring I could never wear these except to show off and sit down, but setting some kind of example to my audience. If I don’t wear high heels except on parties and for nights out with my boyfriend, maybe I’m deceiving those who assume that what I show on my blog truly represents my style?

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5 Daily Skin Care Products I Love

April 7, 2015
Skin Care Products

Being a young mother with a baby on your hands or a vigorous toddler to chase doesn’t leave you much time for yourself, especially when it comes to such trifles as facial masks, doing your nails etc. Reading posts about inspirational morning routines (yoga, a green smoothie and the like) leaves me more annoyed than inspired. Yoga, you say? I get up at 5:51AM, and barely have time for a quick shower, not to mention the fact that I carry my coffee with me whenever I go. This is NOT THE WAY TO DRINK YOUR MORNING COFFEE!

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Striped Tee & Midi Skirt in Olive

March 26, 2015
Yellow Pumps Shoes

When in doubt what to wear, wear black. When in doubt what to pair with, wear stripes. By stripes I mean the eternal wardrobe staple, the striped tee. An eternal sartorial Superman, it is always ready to come to the rescue, but there are some things to bear in mind here, too – beware of extremely broad stripes – they will make you look broader and attract too much attention to to the upper part of your body. Perfect it may be, we’re not interested in the wasp / escaped prisoner look – too extravagant, if you ask me.

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4 Ways to Wear a Black Midi Dress

March 3, 2015
Black Midi Dress

Can you feel spring in the air? I do – it already smells differently – it has this unmistakeable, lovely scent, like the world was filled with sweet anticipation. So, before spring is actually here, I want to talk about one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe – the black bodycon midi dress.

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Fashion Picks

11 Tips for Budget Style & Cheap Online Shopping

February 3, 2015
Budget Shopping

The web is full of advice on budget fashion and online shopping. So, instead of giving you the rant on looking for garage sales and nearest outlets (duh), rummaging in your closet for long-lost treasures (been there, done that), creating a basic wardrobe (really?) and sticking to classic colors, I will try a new angle and add some details that might have been left out until now. So, here we go. My personal tips on shopping on a budget and online shopping, all spoken from true, sometimes sad, experience. But first, a short history lesson.

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